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Russia became the leader of the anti-rating, Roskomnadzor explains blocking by fakes and a threat to Russians Losses from restrictions and shutdowns of the Internet in the world According to Top10VPN, the global economy lost $23.79 billion in 2022 due to shutdowns, shutdowns, interruptions, and block internet and apps. This is 232% more than in 2021. The biggest damage, according to experts, – $ 21.59 billion – was suffer by Russia. It is follow by Iran with $773 million and Kazakhstan with $410.7 million. Top10VPN is a site that tests and reviews VPN services, conducts and publishes VPN research and recommendations, and studies digital law and online safety issues.

Which social networks block the most Of all

The service calculates the economic losses from the Turkey Phone Number List Internet shutdown since 2019 and ranks the 20-25 countries that have suffer the most. Russia enter the ranking for the first time in 2021, when it took 20th place. Networks, disconnecting the Internet, slowing down the Internet. It is Russia’s losses that are made up of blocking and slowing down social networks. The social networks, Twitter was the most restrict, with 21,600 hours of blocking in 2022 (that’s the sum of all block times in countries around the world). (the owner of Instagram and Facebook, Meta Platforms, was recogniz as extremist in Russia in March 2022 and bann.

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In second place in the ranking is Instagram

It was block for 9.5 thousand hours. Next – Facebook – 7.8 thousand hours, WhatsApp – 2.9 thousand hours and YouTube – 28 hours. How many domains have BT Lists been block in Russia RBC Trends ask Roskomnadzor for information on the number of bann and block websites. “In 2022, more than 384,000 links were enter into the Unifi Register of Bann Sites. About 99.7% of them have been remov by resource owners or block by telecom operators,” the department explain. According to Roskomsvoboda (recogniz as a foreign agent), the RKN enter about 395,000 links into.

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