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I would note the advanc brokerage platforms that we have in the country. They allow carrying out exchange and over-the-counter transactions with such convenience for the client that there are only a few analogues of these services abroad. It is important that in the Russian market these are not exclusive services for VIP clients, but quite common for premium and even retail clients. So yes, it’s hard to surprise us. -— I know a European bank where clients submit trading orders either on paper or by phone – they simply have no other option.

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Anyone who wants to buy assets on the market is forc to either sign an order on paper or call the trader. Although it is a large bank with significant assets and Henan Mobile Phone Number List a large number of VIP clients. Is the same situation in Asian banks? — T and more interesting for our domestic customers. The business focus on reorientation towards Asia is becoming more and more urgent. However, there are difficulties in servicing non-residents. For example, it is quite difficult for a foreigner to open an account in China. Generally speaking, the level of technology in Asia is high enough not to think about the existence of bank offices. On the other hand.

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The largest players have a similar trend – offline BT Lists services are also develop. This is due to the fact that a large proportion of the population are older people, and an offline channel is important for them to meet and discuss some nuances in person. — And banking in Russia? — In recent years, there has been a trend towards rejuvenation of the client base. I’m sure it’s typical not only for Russia, it’s just that this process is happening faster in our country. In Dom.RF Bank, the average age of a client decreases by a year.

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