That the message that reaches the public not the one

That the message that reaches the public not the one that the company. Wants to communicate Exchange relationships it when the links and exchange. Processes tween organizations and publics generate nefits and value for both parties. For example when a news agency sends relevant information to a mia outlet the news agency manages to promote its brand’s content and the mia outlet gets a source that delivers relevant content. Public relations to generate high impact and positively persuade audiences the first step to manage public relations to have a plan with policies objectives strategies actions schule indicators and those responsible.

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Th plan creat by the director of communications or the public relations officer. Who in charge of the communication strategy. A good plan allows you to convey the message you want to communicate appropriately to the target audience. A good plan mobile app development service a roadmap that allows the communication strategt to align with corporate objectives. nefits of having a good communication and public relations plan strengthen your brand image. Strengthen the digital strategy. Identify the talent and potential of each memr of the human team. Increase brand loyalty. You can make quick and accurate decions. You build a homogeneous message that represents the company’s philosophy.

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You can identify and define your audiences. Some public relations success stories with high-impact communication campaigns towards their buyer personas with a clear brand message conavi loves the people – the people love conavi and the character BT Lts of the little e conavi. Chocolate sol one of the most rememr jingles and the well-known phrase “Today I have a chocolate sol day” davivienda with its news correspondent commercials in the wrong place. One of the most important adverting campaigns in colombia which chang traditional communication in the financial sector.

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