SWOT analysis: discover your opportunities

most consumers already have an account on these sites. Are familiar with the sites. And are therefore prispos to posting reviews on these sites. And. Because your brand doesn.T control these sites. Consumers are therefore more likely to trust their reviews. But. Again. You are not in control – be careful. Don.T forget: respond to customer testimonials the worst thing your brand can do is not respond to customer testimonials. Good and bad. Whether SWOT analysis: discover you just receiv an email to your customer service inbox.

Responding to negative customer testimonials

Or you found a new testimonial on yelp. Bottom line: Europe Email List you should respond to customer reviews . Even if it.S just a quick thank you note in response to a positive review. Or your sincere apology – and promise to do better – to a dissatisfi customer. Of course. Responding to negative customer testimonials and reviews is more important than responding to positive ones. Why? Because no answer means you don.T care – and no one wants to work with a company that doesn.T care.

Do your brand a favor and take the high road

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Even worse. A negative or defensive review paints your company in a bad light. Most social mia management tools offer monitoring features to   BT Lists alert you when someone mentions your brand (some are even free !) so you don.T have to worry about missing a beat. So. Do your brand a favor and take the high road: respond to your negative reviews . And. As we were saying. Even the positive ones. From now on. No. Seriously. Just now. Go! Once you.Ve impress your website visitors with customer testimonials.

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