Steal traffic from Reddit by sharing barebones posts

With >330 million monthly active users, it seems a no-brainer to promote on Reddit. Except that Reddit hates marketing. If Redditors Steal trafficcatch even a whiff of self-promotion, they will downvote you, delete your post, or ban you from the subreddit. Yet, Tim managed to successfully “promote” his keyword research post: Tim Soulo’s tl;dr post on Reddit Reddit enjoys helpful content. Its users are only antagonistic to spammers. So if you want to promote on Reddit, replicate what Tim did.

Steal trafficTap into other brands’ audience through collaborationsSteal traffic

Buffer is a social media scheduling tool. It was a non-competitor and targeted the same audience. So we did a joint webinar titled “How to Build Your Website Traffic With Evergreen Content and Social Media.” Steal trafficBoth brands heavily top industry data promoted the webinar on social media leading up to day zero. Post-webinar, Buffer created aSteal traffic blog post summarizing the presentation, while we posted the recording on YouTube and uploaded the presentation slides on SlideShare.updating. Content audit results from our free WordPress SEO plugin Look at the top-ranking results and compare them to

Steal trafficRefresh outdated content to boost its rankingsSteal traffic

SEO is not a “set it and forget it” thing. Even if you’re ranking well for your target keyword, competitors may steal your spot or Steal trafficGoogle BT Lists may lower your rankings when your content becomes outdated. So you need to keep it up to date to maintain your rankings. The easiest way to find out which content to refresh is to install our free WordPress SEO plugin and run an audit. The audit will tell you which articles you should be 

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