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Business to the rescue A huge role in this process is play by. The fund’s cooperation with the largest manufacturers of goods, retail chains and public catering enterprises. They transfer their products from factories and warehouses on a permanent basis under donation agreements. We are talking about surpluses of goods that for some reason are not sold (falling demand, seasonality), but are usable. One of the first strategic partners of the fund was PepsiCo. Together they implement the they gather in a large conference room. Each is given a set: a disposable gown, hat, shoe covers and gloves.

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Then the organizers of the event conduct a short Israel Phone Number List briefing, and the volunteers are distribut among the “sites”. others seal full packages, others stick stickers, and others distribute them into sets. “No one is idle. An amazing thing is happening before your eyes: from, legumes, packs of bags and other relat materials, food packages appear that will be deliver to those who ne them most. And you understand that it became possible thanks to your colleagues and you. involv in something really important! ”, Svetlana Dementieva said. New projects: from kits to PRODcards The areas of cooperation between partners and the Foundation are constantly expanding, including through grant programs.

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The PepsiCo Foundation provid a grant of about 11 million rubles. This money will be us to help 7,000 Russian families in 10 regions of the BT Lists country in 2021–2022. “The fight against hunger is one of our most important areas, as people in our country also fac the consequences of the pandemic and a significant ruction in income. We want to help those who ne food aid and use our long-term experience of cooperation with the Rus Food Fund,” explain Olga Kaverina, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Charity at PepsiCo Russia and the CIS. The project will affect residents of the Moscow Leningrad.

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