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Ratings About the expert Svetlana Beri, director of the business development department at Rosgosstrakh, oversees and develops a new line of non-insurance service platforms, My_Service, in the company. She has been working in insurance since 2004, previously holding senior positions in marketing and business development for several leading insurance companies in the Russian market. Hidden ne and a plumber from the. Housing Office do consumers demand today? – In fact, it is precisely for platforms and specific services that the consumer does not have a request as such.

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If you interview people in an open format, they will, of course List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers answer that they do not ne anything. But when we work with insurance clients, for example, VHI, auto insurance and property insurance, we see what people lack. And two things are missing. Firstly, tools that would allow you to easily, omnichannel and at any time interact with your insurance company. Secondly, and understandable way all issues relat to owning a house, a car, and taking care of their health – themselves and their lov ones. And at the same time, be sure that they will not encounter scammers, they will not take extra money from them, and the performer can be trust For example.

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A very significant example is my mother, a person of deep retirement age. Once her Bosch washing machine broke down. To fix it, my mother call a BT Lists plumber from the housing office and was very upset when she was told that such machines were unsuitable and it was better to change them as soon as possible. I told my mother: “Wait, I’ll call a specialist for you now.” Then we at Rosgosstrakh were just testing the My_Service Dom platform for launch. fix the washing machine, and now my mother willingly asks to call the same repairmen every time something breaks at home and help.

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