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Produce content with quality and depth Of all the factors, this is the most important for ranking in the first search results ! All search engines (especially Google) prioritize original content that delivers value capable of transforming the public’s lives . This type of content is usually very complete, answering popular questions in text, videos and images, to “cover all the holes” and improve the user experience ! Content Marketing: the secrets to attracting and engaging your audience 2. Define and insert relevant keywords in content Keywords are extremely important in SEO for.

SEO brings together the techniques that help

And these keywords ne to be, for example, in the website address, in the titles and distribut throughout the texts (or videos and images) in an intelligent way. Go back up there and look at the examples here from Orgânica: I plac the keywords in the most Latest database important points of the texts, and they put Orgânica in first place in searches! From 0 to 50 thousand visits per month: Organic at the top of Google Tip: Orgânica is a specializ SEO agency . Know more! 3. Pay attention to internal and external links Links are shortcuts that, when access, take the public to other content on the same website or external websites.

An acronym in English for Search Engine Optimization

latse database

Both are important to increase the chances of SEO ranking your page first , especially when other sites refer your business page ( what we call a backlink ). Establishing links to trust pages , and receiving hits by having your company link by other sites, shows search engines that you have authority in choosing sources and in your statements! But be BT Lists careful: publishing broken links (shortcuts that lead nowhere or that lead to error pages) decreases the relevance of your page . Thus, your domain authority suffers as a whole! 4. Be careful with page loading spe You must think that the appearance of a website is worth more than anything, right? Although appearance is important.

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