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However in any case it turns out to be cheaper than buying service-by-service. Sofa Exclusive A subscription is a long-term relationship with a client. On the one hand, this is good both for the user who pays small amounts once a month, and for the company, because it provides a stable cash flow for several months or even years in advance., modern subscriptions can be cancel at any time,from launch to make three price increases. Initially, the subscription to the service cost $6.99 per month, with the option to pay for the year, rucing the price per month to.

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A year later on the wave of success, the company’s Turkey Phone Number List management rais the price to $7.99, and in 2022, Disney announc a price jump of another 38% to $10.99. In total, almost a two-fold increase in prices in three years. not chang prices since entering the market, although the number of services includ in subscriptions has grown. Yandex. Plus add audio books, sports broadcasts, and so on. SberPrime – delivery and discounts from SberMegaMarket and financial products. MTS – a subscription to scooters. Ozon has includ Megogo and Kion cinemas in its subscription. Another difference is that while the user base of large Western services investing in content is hundrs of millions of users (Netflix has 220 million and PrimeVideo has 117 million.

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Why many of them are now unprofitable

The market and content distribution opportunities for Russian players are more limit. Thus, the largest player, Yandex. Plus, has about 14 million subscribers BT Lists by mid-2022. In the Western market, you can recoup the fix costs of content through an increase in the number of subscribers, “smearing” the costs over them and not increasing the average bill. Russian services have fewer such opportunities, and this partly explains despite the constant growth in the number of users and revenue. Cinema in 2020 showa net loss of ?0.7 billion, and in 2021 already ?2.1 billion. The entertainment segment (the Okko online cinema and the Sberzvuk music service.

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