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Being reject is a negative indicator for search engine algorithms: they understand that your content is not very relevant, which causes the site to drop in search results . When in doubt, focus on quality instead of vanity! Tip: 4 symptoms that your company website is poorly design 5. Build authority for your domain Authority is not something that can be achiev overnight — you have to build it little by little ! It is your history of valuable content (and its age on your site) that will contribute to building authority. The sooner you start, putting into practice all the tips I present to you, the tendency is for your domain to receive the attention it deserves and gradually conquer the best positions.

For your company What is SEO in Digital Marketing

Be patient, plan ahead, and get start as soon as possible ! Channels where SEO techniques can be appli Although we link SEO directly to the Digital Marketing of websites and blogs , this technique can (and should) be appli to other channels ! You special data Tube is a great example: for your video to be discover, you ne to choose the best keywords, insert them in the titles, descriptive elements of the content and, of course , deliver high-quality content! As more and more people are consuming video content , in addition to YouTube, Google itself has also been delivering audiovisual mia along with content in traditional formats (such as texts and images) in.

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Digital Marketing because they help algorithms identify your content as if they were the label on a package ! That’s why, in a well-thought-out strategy, all keywords in the content are analyz and add to ensure that everything relat to the business, product or service is discover by people. the essential factor in keeping someone on a website is page BT Lists loading spe ! If your website is beautiful, but takes a long time to load, your audience won’t waste time waiting : they’ll look for your competition! When someone enters the site and leaves quickly (for any reason, but usually due to slow loading spe), the bounce rate is increas — an indicator that shows someone giving up when checking your content.

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