People with this trait tend to think radically

The main disadvantage of rigidity is that it prevents you from changing your way of thinking and adapting to new circumstances. According to a study by the University of Cambridge, the level of psychological rigidity affects the ability to compromise including in politics. American scientists suggest that rigidity negatively affects the frequency of remissions in anxiety disorders. If a person has mental disorders, rigidity can exacerbate them. For example, patients with an eating disorder (D) often follow a certain diet because of the mental attitude “after six you can’t eat, otherwise I will get fat.

When it is necessary to solve something

Such restrictions can lead to nervous breakdowns: the Malta Phone Number List digestive system works constantly and requires food not only until six in the evening. Maria Danina: “When dealing with rigid people, it is important to understand the nature of their difficulties. It can inde be difficult for them to act differently, and novelty is highly troubling. Soothing and normalizing communication that supports their self-esteem will help to connect. It is important to allow time for adaptation to changes, to act gradually, not to demand an immiate reaction, to be patient.”mindset and get rid of it Normally, rigidity is not a disease, but a personality trait.

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How to understand that you have a rigid

In clinical psychology and psychiatry, it can be a symptom BT Lists of a disorder. To treat such cases, patients are test and referr to a specialist. Vera Tolmacheva, clinical psychologist, postgraduate student of Sechenov University, employee of the Psychiatric Clinical Hospital No. 1 nam after N. A. Alekseev: “The child experiences uncertainty  it is difficult for him to consider alternative ways of solving the problem. I often encounter rigidity of thinking in patients who experienc aggression from their parents in childhood. In my work, I use cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques so that patients learn to see alternative points of view on a problem. And in cognitive behavioral therapy.

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