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In to assign the company’s NIP number to the Tax Office, VAT-R registration application. Taking the above into account, it is propos to introduce the following solutions. The process of providing information about a civil partnership, including its registration. Will People thinking be simplifi an integrat application will be available. Which will contain all the information necessary to handle all registration matters. But it will also be possible to report any changes, suspensions, renewals or deletions. This will apply to matters dealt with at the Tax Office, Central Statistical Office and ZUS KRUS.

The application will replace

The currently applicable forms and will allow you to obtain NIP and REGON numbers. A one-stop shop. for civil partnership registration will be creat. Verification of the submitt application will be ensur by checking the correctness of the data, it will be possible to attach other forms necessary to carry out. Matters relat to a civil partnership Comprehensive information philippines photo editor about. The civil partnership will be available entry data about a civil partnership will be separat. This applies to partnerships of natural persons. There will be access to comprehensive information about the company, interest persons will have the opportunity to download a separate civil partnership certificate.

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In the field of a civil partnership would have the nature of a certificate Online business registration The project assumes that it will be possible to submit applications for entry in CEIDG only online, which means that the paper form will be abandon. Due to limit BT Lists access of some people to such a formula because they do not use digital technologies, the process of complete electronization will be spread over time. It is expect that the abandonment of the possibility of submitting applications in paper form will take place gradually. According to what can be read in the justification.

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