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Of course reassembling complex activity nodes is very difficult. After all, the business model with which this or that company exists is actually assembl activity processes. And when your usual landscape is disturb, you ne to reorganize everything. You collect a new configuration from different types of activities and connect them so that together they create value. For some, the ne to solve problems can become too strong a blow and. For others, it becomes an opportunity to reach a new level. Someone was waiting for such an incentive in order to increase their efficiency and “sound” differently. To cope with such a challenge, the community helps a lot.

A reason to give up to leave the game

Those new models that are now being creat before our South Africa Phone Number List eyes are the merit of not one entrepreneur, but entire groups of active entrepreneurs working together, sharing expertise. And for this reason, people also go for business ucation – to work in a community of like-mind people, to move forward together. If we talk about the support of SMEs by big business , then first of all, entrepreneurs rely on themselves, this is . The key barrier to business scaling is the “cancellation policy” , and the historical one is the creation of a globally competitive product and scaling, that is, the appropriate capacity to work simultaneously in several markets.

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Where are the places of key competence

It is easier for those whose business is already digital, it is BT Lists transboundary in its business model. Working in international markets is, first of all, global entrepreneurial thinking, it nes to be develop, to figure out where your sales markets are,how to build distribut processes and work with the product, socio-cultural aspects of team work. Entrepreneurial activity and talent in small companies often help to develop and launch new products many times faster. Big business has inertia. This can be cooperation and collaboration with startups and small companies.

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