Why is the occult industry booming all over the world

Internet will appear in another 10,000 settlements. In 2023, 1800 villages and villages will be connect to the Internet . We understand what pushes people to the crystal ball, and why you shouldn’t condemn them for it with the book “Battles with Psychics  in their prictions? How do they read information for their prophecies? Is it possible to certify specialists in occult practices, and how to distinguish a “good” astrologer from a “bad” one? The author of a book-study about the industry of the “supernatural” decid to deal with these questions.

Do fortune-tellers themselves believe

Who is author Australian journalist Gary Nunn is a writer Australia Mobile Number List for the BBC, The Guardian, who ran the Oxford Dictionary blog for  department at Change.Org. After suffering a personal tragy, he became interest in esotericism as a social phenomenon, and for more than two years he was engag in the study of the industry of the “unknown”. During this time, he spoke with several dozen miums and clairvoyants, as well as their clients. In the book, he tells how “communication with spirits” takes place, whether there are industry quality standards, and how to explain the phenomenon of involving astrologers and psychics in decision-making when managing investments and business. What is this book about.

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Many years and later head the public relations

The very first question that the author raises in his BT Lists book concerns the mystery of why logic, rationality and scientific knowlge have not been able to rid the world of superstition and attempts to find support in the location of stars, numbers at birth or other magical methods. The end of the age of common sense Criticism of mystics and psychics in the language of logic and critical thinking really does not reach the goal, however, it must be taken into account that the era of common sense as a fulcrum, according to some thinkers.

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