Once her Bosch washing machine broke

My mother a person of deep retirement age down. To fix it, my mother call a plumber from the housing office and was very upset when she was told that such machines were unsuitable and it was better to change them as soon as possible. I told my mother: “Wait, I’ll call a specialist for you now.” Then we at Rosgosstrakh were just testing the My_Service Dom platform for launch. The specialist quickly arriv, fix the washing machine, and now my mother willingly asks to call the same repairmen every time something breaks at home and help is ne.

These are just a couple of examples

An before that she didn’t even know that there China Mobile Number List were any options, except for the ZhEK. I recently damag my car myself – nothing serious, but because of the franchise, the scratches did not fall under the insur event. A colleague suggest that I contact a good repairman who would paint the bumper. But I refus, because perhaps the result will not be perfect, and it may turn out that there will be a misunderstanding with a colleague. and I’m sure that every person has a lot of similar ones. In other words, everyone has a ne, but it is latent. People either solve the problem as they are us to, or ask each other for contacts of a good plumber, auto mechanic, doctor.

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Even in cases where the service

At the same time, they risk getting a negative experience and even ruining their relationship with the one who recommend the specialist. Agents instead of BT Lists advertising and psychologists for teenagers – Bas on this ne, did you decide to launch service platforms for property, cars and micine? — At the forefront was the desire to interact with customers more often and lead them, as they say, from a problem to a solution.  is not cover by the insurance policy, we will not refuse to help them now. We take the client on constant support.

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