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Enhance their effect on the tumor. Also, for treatment, immune. T-lymphocytes that have already been in contact with the neoplasm can be taken from the patient. Grown and modifi in the laboratory and inject again in larger quantities or with improv properties. Bas on the fact that cancer cells have specific antigens. And the immune system can be “train” to find these antigens in order to fight the tumor. However, vaccines for the treatment of malignant diseases have not yet cop with their task: firstly, the antigens that produce cancer cells are also found in other healthy ones, so the immune system can “ignore” the tumor, and secondly.

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The neoplasms themselves are protect from immune Nigeria Phone Number List cells, blocking their function and preventing penetration into the tumor. Vaccines so far stimulate the immune response to the tumor too weakly to have a significant effect on the condition of patients and ruce mortality. KRAS gene inhibitor drugs The proto-oncogene KRAS, during the functioning of cells, mutates especially often. Its mutation can trigger tumor growth and the development of cancer of the lungs, pancreas, intestines and other organs. Mutat KRAS is found in 30% of patients with lung cancer, 90% with pancreatic cancer, and 50% with colon cancer.

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The search for drugs that inhibit – “turn off” – the BT Lists damag gene has become a promising area in oncology. One such substance, sotorasib, has already been register with the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). Sotorasib becamethe first approv drug that directly targets the damag KRAS gene. Clinical studies have -term results. One of the promising drugs, according to a publication in the journal Nature, is LY3537982 – while it is at the research stage , but has already shown 10 times higher efficacy than sotorasib. However, target KRAS therapy has disadvantages.

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