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Towards it in society have chang significantly over 25 centuries. When psychology and psychiatry began to actively develop in the 20th century, the term “melancholia” began to disappear from everyday life. Instead, doctors began to make more specific diagnoses. In particular, since the 1920s, the diagnosis of “depression” has increasingly appear in the registers of patient admissions. However, melancholy is not the same as depression.  Johannison notes in A History of Melancholia, “Depression lacks the many facets of melancholia and its existential character. Periods of melancholy occur in a perfectly healthy person, depression suggests illness, fear and loss.

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Modern Russian-speaking psychiatry basically does Brazil Mobile Number List not use the term “melancholia” – it is consider obsolete. Thus, the Russian Scientific Center for Mental Health does not recommend that doctors use this term to refer to a disease because of “insufficient accuracy and inconsistency of designations” [ 3 ]. In the latest ition of (ICD-11), the term “melancholia” is us as one of the symptoms that accompany depression [ 4 ]. By comparison, other symptoms of depression are panic attacks or anxiety. In English-speaking practice, there is no independent diagnosis of “melancholia” either. If a person is lonely, he will often feel sad and longing.

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This subtype is often call endogenous or psychotic

However the DSM-5 Mental Health Manual lists BT Lists melancholic depression,” a subtype of depression characteriz by loss of enjoyment of life, insomnia, weight loss, and psychomotor changes [5 ] . In Russian-speaking practice, depression. melancholy and misanthropy Sometimes people confuse the concepts of “melancholy” and “misanthropy”, although they are far from each other. Misanthropy is hatr of people and alienation from them [ 6 ]. At the same time, the misanthrope may not feel longing and not be sad. Unlike the melancholic, the misanthrope is self-sufficient – he is comfortable with himself. The similarity of the state of melancholy and misanthropy is that in both states it is difficult for people.

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