Neuromarketing tricks that will help you sell more

Neuromarketing is a relatively modern science that bases marketing actions on the customer’s psyche. This neuromarketing helps to better understand the customer and in this way be able to sell more. And what is this for me? You will ask yourself. Well, thanks to a multitude of studies that were carried out especially in the 70s, we know much better about the emotions and sensations that a product causes, its price, etc. in the customer’s mind. Many conclusions can be drawn from these studies. And we can use some of the results obtained for the benefit of your business. And of course, I have to clarify that these tricks are not about deceiving your customer, but about making the purchasing process more pleasant.

Split the price Neuromarketing tricks 

Because paying 30 euros a month is not the same as paying 1 euro a day. If this works on a cheap product (30 euros) think what will happen with a more expensive product. And why does this happen to us? Well, because this trick directly executive data attacks our reptilian brain, our most primitive, most instinctive brain. And for him, it is much easier to assume that we are going to pay an acceptable amount per day than a total amount per month. Let’s take the example of a more expensive product, as we mentioned before, and analyze what happens in our mind. 

Utiliza videos del producto 

We address another part of the brain, in this case we play with the interaction between the visual processing area linked to the sensory part of the brain. Stop for a second, think about the last time you went, for example, to MediaMarkt. If you had BT Lists to buy a computer or an iron. Which one would you buy? The one that is perfectly stored in its box, seeing only the photo of the outside of said box. Or the one outside; that you can hold, that you can see from all angles, that you can weigh… In an online business you cannot send the iron to your client so that they can pick it up before they buy it, but you can show them a video, promotional or not (Unboxing, review, etc.), of that iron so that they have the feeling of that it is he himself who is playing and enjoying that iron. What do you sell online training? Well, show them what.

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