Modern information technologies in society

Which advocat nuclear disarmament, for the protection of animals and the environment. Man-made disasters – the accidents at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant and the Chernobyl nuclear power plant – only strengthen the opinions of technopessimists. Fears and fear of supporters of technopessimism are quite understandable. Discoveries in the field of computer technology were originally intend as a benefit to society. However, now they are us differently: surveillance and surveillance tools using computer vision, and not only. And the algorithms themselves can prict human behavior much more accurately and faster than the person himself.

The introduction of drones in the army

Economics of innovation Three myths about replacing Sri Lanka Phone Number List humans with robots Balance between pessimism and optimism There is a third point of view, which calls for a balance between opposing opinions about the role of technology in human life – technorealism. Technorealists accept the arguments of the two parties, analyze each discovery, focus on the consequences of technological phenomena and prict their impact on our future. The term “technorealism” first appear in 1998 thanks to the joint work of Andrew Shapiro, David Shenk and Steven Johnson. They publish the ” Manifesto of Technorealism “. The document describ the role of. The manifesto is bas on eight core principles. Technology is not neutral.

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Web becomes a reflection of society itself

They can be us for both good and unprictable BT Lists purposes. The Internet is revolutionary, but not utopian . As it evolves, the  with all its complexities. The Internet performs not only an ucational function, but is also a place to store the shocking vices of mankind. Governments have an important role to play in the electronic community . Cyberspace cannot become a special zone of jurisdiction, separat from the rest of the world. But at the same time, the state must respect the rules and customs of cyberspace and must not destroy this new world through censorship and interference. Information is not knowlge . Regardless of how modern computers become.

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