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The demand for compliance and security is growing in. The market – they can become one of the key competitive advantages for fintechs. An Argentine startup is developing a platform that offers tools to simplify. Transaction monitoring, customer onboarding (KYC and AML. And compliance with local regulatory obligations. In the case of Argentina, from AFIP, the Central Bank, the National Securities Commission and the. At the beginning of 2023. The company rais $2.6 million to scale its business in LATAM. The company now operates in Argentina.

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Colombia Chile and Mexico, and plans to attract 100 Bolivia Phone Number List customers in Brazil by the end of 2023. In the free version, you can generate 25 sets of images in low resolution or less, since each attempt to improve images is count separately. for $10 per month for 200 generations and an unlimit subscription for $30. However, it will not be possible to issue it using Russian bank cards. How to start using Midjourney In order to take advantage of the capabilities of the neural network, you will ne an account in the service for gamers Discord. Next you ne: launch the Discord app or open the web version in a browser enter the server.

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The resolution of the select image

Midjourney using the invitation link ; choose one of the Newbie chats where users create pictures; enter the command imagine; in the promt window, enter a text BT Lists escription in English and send it to the chat; agree to the terms of service by clicking the green Accept ToS button; Midjourney produces a collage of four pictures, each of which can be sav or further improv; under the resulting images there will be buttons U and V. U allows you to increase and V – create additional versions for one of them. Next, you ne to press the button with arrows for a new generation; after you select an image to enlarge, it will appear in the chat. Below the image are the following buttons.

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