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The free tier offers free access to an unlimited number of users and environments, allowing users to use schema review and data modification methods.

It features owner, DBA, and developer roles, as well as 100+ SQL lint rules for code quality. There is also  GitOps workflow, multi-environment batch changes, SQL editor, and database backup/restore.


The PRO plan, which costs $100 per instance per month, is suitable for more sophisticated needs.

It supports up to 20 issues and has an advanced GitOps process, reviews and backup policies, documented changes, and arbitrary schema synchronization.

des online schema migration of large tables, point-in-time recovery, and SQL script sharing.

The PRO plan also inclu

Bytebase offers unique pricing with annual invoice for enterprise level needs.

This package offers special support, special authorization telemarketing list procedures, SSO and 2FA, batch updates for multiple departments/tenancies, sensitive  database access control, and custom branding.

The enterprise plan offers enterprises customized solutions and features to suit their specific needs.

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Finally, Bytebase provides a complete solution for efficient and safe database management. Bytebase caters to the needs of individuals, small teams, and large companies alike, thanks to its simple design and comprehensive functionality.

There are a few things to keep in mind while exploring Bytebase. First, use the extensive features of the free series.

It supports an unlimited number of users and environments, as well as critical operations such as schema review procedures and data modification and SQL lint rules. This allows you to simplify your database administration operations at no cost.

During your experience with Bytebase, be sure to take advantage of the trial period of the PRO plan. This 14-day free trial allows you to get a first-hand look at the advanced features.

Overall, Bytebase is a reliable and feature-rich database management tool.

Its emphasis on security, collaboration, and usability makes it an excellent solution for individuals, teams, and organizations that want to speed up database procedures and protect BT Lists data integrity. Embrace the power of Bytebase and experience efficient, secure and collaborative database management.

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