Learning curve in using the tool

 Learning curve everyone likes emails or newsletters. And not everyone has access to a laptop at all. Some people like to read the information again later at their leisure. This can be done, for example, with information on the intranet or in a mobile app. In addition, it is extremely frustrating if your employees do not have access to important information or data. So, if your organization uses an intranet or business intelligence tool to communicate important news or crucial company data to employees, for example, you nee to make sure that these tools are accessible to everyone. Fortunately, for employees who have to make do without a fixe workplace, laptop or e-mail address.

Campaign is a great tool for advanced

There are other ways to give them the same access as their colleagues. Articles from SharePoint or dashboards from Power BI can also be linke to tools such as a mobile business app or narrowcasting screens. This also contributes to the employee experience. Your experience becomes a photo editor whole lot better when you can actually use the available technology and tools! Illustration for internal communication about cybersecurity . Communicate more about digital security Organizations today are more vulnerable to digital attacks. The National Police saw an increase in cyber attacks in , which are likely to continue next year.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The reason for that? Many more employees are logging in from home. This makes working from home an increase risk to the safety of your organization. Keeping an eye on things is a bit more difficult when everyone is working from home. A problem for the IT department? Think again . Many scams make cunning use of people’s ignorance or oversight. Employees in all positions must therefore be made aware and alert to this. That’s where internal communication comes in! Informing, raising awareness and alerting is a share task BT Lists for which you really have to use your communication channels. Only then can you keep your organization’s digital infrastructure safest.

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