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Further away than many people believe. Dig deeper: Discover cutting-edge martech solutions for free – online next week! Get MarTech! Daily. Free. In your inbox. Business email address Get MarTech in your inbox. See terms. Add MarTech to your Google News feed. Google News Related stories Meta launches genAI features for ads This week’s AI-powered martech releases How Icelandair used programmatic to

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Identifying the latest trends in digital marketing Martech is automating its way into a talent crisis New on MarTech Meta launches genAI features for ads 3 ways MOps can business database bridge the gap in marketing analytics New GA4 features improve security and report accuracy The latest jobs in martech Real Story Group launches free martech assessment tool About the author Kim Davis Kim Davis Kim Davis is the Editorial Director of MarTech. Born in London, but a New Yorker for over two decades, Kim started covering enterprise software

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His experience encompasses SaaS for the enterprise, digital- ad data-driven urban planning, and applications of SaaS, digital technology, and BT Lists data in the marketing space. He first wrote about marketing technology as editor of Haymarket’s The Hub, a dedicated marketing tech website, which subsequently became a channel on the established direct marketing brand DMN. Kim joined DMN proper in 2016, as a

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