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Simultaneously with urban decorations. The decor of the facades and premises of trading floors is being dismantl. Large shopping centers. Such as TSUM and GUM, do not hire contractors and remove decorations on their own. Usually New Year’s designs are on the streets for several weeks, or even months. During this time, or broken by citizens. For example, in early December 2021, an unknown person broke a branch of a glowing artificial tree in Butovo. Therefore, before the new festive season, city decorations ne to be taken care of.

They can be disabl by weather conditions

They are clean of dust and dirt, check for damage Greece Phone Number List and repair. Some designs are rework – repaint, symbols of the next year and new elements are add. Maria Herman: “Unfortunately, New Year’s decorations for public places become unusable within two seasons from reagents and constant contact with people. But I like to give decor a second life: my team and I quite often repair and repaint Christmas trees that are boring to everyone or ask artists to manually paint ordinary plastic balls – it turns out a completely different Christmas tree toy. Most holiday decorations for Moscow and other cities are reus. Some designs appear on the streets for several years in a row.

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The Patriarchal Bridge end up in Rostokino

For example polar bears in Rostokino have been BT Lists delighting citizens for three years, and a huge Christmas ball on Poklonnaya Hill has been decorating the capital for five years. It is not uncommon for festive constructions decorating the center of Moscow to be sent to its outlying districts a few years later. So the “Stars of Bethlehem” from, and the luminous arbors from Gorky Park – in Butovo. Major shopping malls are also pushing for the reuse of holiday decorations. TSUM press service: “At TSUM, they treat jewelry responsibly: after the festive season, all decor is sent for storage and restoration to its own warehouse. to reuse decor, some decorations are us even after several years of storage.

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