It is not uncommon for festive constructions

Citizens for three years, and a huge Christmas ball on Poklonnaya. Hill has been decorating the capital for five years. that adorn the center of Moscow. To be sent to its outlying districts a few years later. So the “Stars of Bethlehem” from the Patriarchal Bridge end up in Rostokino. And the luminous arbors from Gorky Park – in Butovo. for the reuse of holiday decorations. TSUM press service: “At TSUM, they treat jewelry responsibly. After the festive season, all decor is sent for storage. And restoration to its own warehouse.

Major shopping malls are also pushing

It is not uncommon for the creative team to reuse decorations Henan Mobile Phone Number List some decorations are us even after several years of storage, as they are ideally suit to the creative concept.” Natalia Plugatar, Director of Marketing at Bosco di Ciliegi. Sometimes we reuse some design elements from previous years. In 2021, to decorate GUM, we us a crescent moon, which we made back in 2015, almost seven years ago. It also happens that we give all the design to someone. For example, in 2019, GUM was decorat with a space theme, and then all the structures were donat to the city of Kaluga.

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The scenery is stor in our warehouses

Reusing holiday decorations is a healthy and sustainable BT Lists practice. Back in 2019, Moscow and the Moscow region were among the leaders in the generation of household waste, and, according to the forecasts of the Moscow Department of Housing and Public Utilities, by 2029 the amount of garbage produc in the capital will increase by 5% – up to 8.5 million tons per year. Using the same jewelry every year ruces the amount of materials that ne to be sent to landfills and recycling centers without making the situation worse. Consumer abundance has l to the emergence of opposite trends – conscious consumption and minimalism.

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