It is not easy to create such a stable system

This theory thus explains why the Moon has a very small iron-nickel core compar to the Earth. 7. Artificial appearance of the moon This non-traditional idea, far from science, was allegly put forward in the 1960s by scientists from the USSR Academy of Sciences Mikhail Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov. They argu that the Moon is an artificial object creat not by the will of nature. Today it is known that there of Sciences at that time [ 22 ]. In 1968, an article was publish in Komsomolskaya Pravda with the title “Is the Moon an artificial satellite?”, but its authors were not academics, but journalists.

Were no such scientists at the Academy

Subsequently this article was translat into English and Russia Phone Number List distribut abroad. Such exotic theories have exist in the West since the Apollo 12 flight to the Moon in 1969 [ 23 ]. The belief that the Moon is supposly hollow inside is also connect with the ideas”. Now both concepts – an artificial moon and a hollow moon – are recogniz as unscientific. What is the accept theory of the origin of the moon? It is the impact theory that finds the greatest support among researchers, explains the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, senior researcher at the State Astronomical Institute nam after.

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The moon is an alien spaceship

Sternberg Moscow State University Anton Biryukov. This theory is support by at least two factors: It has long been clear that the Earth-Moon system belongs to BT Lists a relatively rare class of close pairs of celestial bodies. Sometimes they are even call “double planets”. Inde, the Moon is very close to the Earth – in comparison with the radius of the Earth itself. At the same time, it has a mass and size comparable to the Earth, for billions of years only by gravitational capture. Another important point: modern studies have shown that the isotopic composition of the Moon is very similar to the Earth.

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