It features high-quality speech

Nevertheless while the lion’s share falls on local solutions – those that are plac in the customer’s circuit. This type of delivery is still in demand among large organizations that themselves own a large-scale IT infrastructure and prefer to store all the data on their own. Our SaluteSpeech speech synthesis and recognition platform . recognition, and its synthesiz voice is almost indistinguishable from human speech. Using the platform, you can control the voice of a virtual assistant: adjust the pace of speech and background noise, pauses, intonations, tonality. At the same time.

What do you offer businesses

SaluteSpeech can hear speech even against the background Uruguay Phone Number List of strong noises. All functions of the service can be us in telephony. Without special equipment, speech technologies can be connect, for example, in an interactive voice menu, IVR answering machine, chats, voice interaction interfaces, for voicing content and commands, or voice input on devices and websites. In addition, we offer ready-made speech services that use SaluteSpeech platform technologies. So, our new Insights technology analyzes the emotions of the client and the operator according to the phrases that they pronounce, automatically classifies all dialogues into positive, neutral and negative, and also determines more than 300 important speech metrics.

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The technology pricts the CSI

For example you can determine whether the BT Lists operator adjust to the pace of the client’s speech and did not interrupt him. In this case, interruptions are consider only real, and not supportive ones like “uh-huh”. In addition, SaluteSpeech Insights allows companies to analyze customer satisfaction for 100% of phone calls. Score that the customer would give himself, without additional waiting on the line or messages with numbers from one to five. All this increases the efficiency of the company with customer loyalty and churn. We also offer the YourVoice service , which allows businesses to get a brand voice.

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