Where he was award a degree in innovation

Habitable area of ??about 60 km 2 . It’s the size of Manhattan.” Of course, for now, these plans are the fantasies of physicists who ne to blow off steam during a pandemic, Miklavcic says. However, the study shows that the construction of such a city “on paper” is possible. Adam Frank looks to the future with optimism: “The idea of ??asteroid cities may seem too far away, until you realize that in 1900 no one else flew in an airplane, and right now thousands of people are sitting comfortably in chairs, rushing at spes of hundrs of kilometers in an hour several thousand meters above the ground.

The top manager shar the key qualities

History shows that a century of technological advancement Australia Mobile Number List can make the impossible a reality.” im Cook said that while working as the head of Apple, he notic that the success of the company depends on its culture and on who exactly it hires. He spoke about this to students at the Ferico II University of Naples in Italy, and international management.  that Apple is primarily looking for in candidates: the ability to collaborate with colleagues, creativity, curiosity and rich experience in their field of activity. Ability to cooperate First of all, Apple is looking for candidates who can collaborate with colleagues.

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Who work together can do amazing work

We believe that every talent employee is really important to BT Lists the company, but two strong people  and small teams can do incrible things,” said Tim Cook. Apple’s CEO not that different perspectives help ideas evolve, and it’s the collaboration of employees with different backgrounds that has contribut to the successful development of new technology products and services for users. “Therefore, we are looking for the ability to cooperate with people in candidates,” he add. Creativity Another key skill that Apple prefers to see in candidates is creativity.

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