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After the first public offering, stocks are freely traded in the open market, the so-called free circulation. The stock exchange stipulates the absolute value of the minimum free circulation (. The total value is determined by the stock price multiplied by the number of stocks sold to the public ) and the proportion of total share capital ( is the number of stocks sold to the public ). The public divided by the total number of shares issued ).

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 Although the first public offering provides many benefits, it also  new database  involves a lot of costs, mainly process-related costs, such as bank fees and legal fees, and the continuous requirement to disclose important information ( sometimes sensitive information ). The detailed information of the proposed issuance is disclosed to potential buyers in the form of lengthy documents called the Recruitment Instructions.

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 Most companies conduct their first public offering with the assistance of investment bank companies as underwriters. Underwriters provide a variety of services, including helping to   BT Lists  correctly assess the value of stocks ( stock price ) and establishing an open stock market ( first sale ). Alternative methods such as Dutch auctions have also been explored and applied in many first public offers.

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