Identify your weak points

Because these testimonials are post on social sites. Which brands can.T fully control. They also feel organic . Truthful . And authentic . In other words. The gold of testimonials. The downside: you really have no control – even over unfound. Unfair or bias reviews. (bonus : did you know that social signals. Including testimonials. Can improve your search engine rankings ?) video testimonials lifelock video testimonial screenshot of lifelock on youtube if you are in a Identify your weak position to interview your most successful customers and clients.

The easiest type of customer testimonials

In some cases. Much higher – customer testimonials Asia email list from industry insiders are the most powerful you can publish. If you can impress the superstars in your industry – thought leaders. Celebrities and other esteem people – then you.Re much more likely to impress their followers (and anyone else who respects them). Social mia testimonials moo social mia customer testimonials screenshot of muu on facebook social mia interactions are. Perhaps. The easiest type of customer testimonials to get: you don.T have to ask (at least. Not always) and customers come to you .

You can post the video to instagram

asia email list

Then this testimonial is worth it. Best of all. Video testimonials are no longer the domain of just big companies with big budgets; any happy customer with   BT Lists a smartphone and a drop of video recording acumen can provide you with the testimony of your marketing dreams. And. You can post the video to instagram to get even more traction from your hard-earn customer testimonials. Consumer review sites trustpilot consumer review sites screenshot of trustpilot we are all familiar with the third-party review sites – tripadvisor. Trustpilot. Yelp. Etc. – partly. Because they work. They.Re also pretty easy to get. Especially if you send a post-purchase email requesting a review:

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