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Man-made noise in the ocean is often unintentionally produc by ships or infrastructure and industry, such as oil platforms. For example, many navies use sonars to locate ships and submarines. Geologists probe the seab for oil and gas using seismic airguns. 200 decibels – this value is deadly for humans. Noise travels four times faster in water than it does in air (at almost 1.5 km/s), so it can “travel” considerable distances. The rumble of a seismic airgun can cause permanent hearing loss, tissue damage, and death in animals near it.

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In 2017 studies show that a single shot from it result in Cambodia Phone Number List an increase in zooplankton mortality from 18% to 40–60% in a 1.2 km section of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of southern Tasmania. The use of sonar has also result in mass stranding of America, Europe and East Asia. Examination of the dead animals reveal that they had sustain injuries indicative of decompression sickness (nitrogen bubbles form in the blood at high pressure). Scientists believe that this happen as a result of a sharp deep dive of whales due to fright from the noise. The sounds made by large marine mammals have the same low frequency range as most sounds made by humans.

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Thus the roar from the ship’s engines blocks the signals BT Lists of many inhabitants of the ocean. The noise from shipping has l marine mammals to develop a new strategy: they use longer and more repetitive sounds or wait until the noise level subsides. Some whales have stopp singing altogether in the water due to constant interference. How to solve a problem The good news is that negative consequences can be avoid – just muffle the source of the sound. Technological developments in shipbuilding, such as the ruction TIES develop the rules and criteria for ecotourism, which form the basis for the concept of sustainable.

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