How to find new friends in adulthood Platonic

Moreover not someone will help people in this, but, perhaps, Elon Musk himself and his company Neuralink. a connection between the brain and the computer. The developers have already learn how to read information from the brain of pigs and show a monkey that, thanks to a chip built into its head, could play a computer game. One of the next steps already plann is to help people manage prosthetic arms and legs. It’s certainly a good and right thing, but it’s not far from the instant orgasm button. Is it good or bad? Most likely, we will find out in 15-20 years.

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Who makes company employees happier The right to laziness: how a person’s attitude to work has chang What professions hve chang but have not disappear BT Lists Artificial intelligence is a system that has thinking similar to a human. In some cases, she the safe and ethical The concept of AI is by no means modern: officially, this branch of science appear in 1956 – at a summer seminar in Hanover, USA, organiz by four American scientists: John McCarthy, Marvin Minsky, Nathaniel Rochester and Claude Shannon. Decades have pass, technology has made a huge leap, but so far no robot uprising has happen.

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