How should commercials be made? All the passages

How should commercials be made? All the passages discover how the commercials are made . And what are the phases of the work, from the first contact with the salesman to the airing on the screen. The realization of a commercial is a complex job.  It includes several steps before the final result is shown to the audience on the big screen. The result is the promotional video of your company. Regardless of the length of the footage, each phase of the realization involves . Different professional figures working together to make your commercial.  Perfect: the commercial, which is responsible for transmitting your . The shooting or the collection of multimedia material.

Contact with the agency

The speaker, for the sound dubbing and the playlist worker, Latest Database  for the programming of the spot on the screen. It is clear that managing a process of this type takes a long time.  So we recommend you find an agency that follows the entire process.  Of realization for you, so that you can dicate yourself only to your business. By the way, we offer you a special offer that includes the free realization of a spot, audio dubbing includ. Find out about it. And now, are you curious to find out what are all the steps necessary.  For the realization of your advertising spot? Let’s see them together. 1. Contact with the agency . This is the first step, the one where you contact the advertising . Dealership at the cinema and expose your idea. The salespeople agree with you the features of the spot: the length in seconds.

Collection of multimedia material

The solutions are vari: 6, 10, 12, 15, 20 and 30 seconds. BT Lists  Usually the most request is the 20 second one; the cinema and the cinemas in which to project it. The cost of screening varies from cinema to cinema; the duration of the contract. It generally has a validity of twelve months.  But you can also opt for customiz solutions, for example six months. Once all the characteristics of the order have been establish.  The agency presents you with the final estimate for the realization of the spot.  Including airing on the big screen. 

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