How do people become empaths

In 2013, scientists from Goldsmith’s University of London conclud that only 1–2% of the world’s population are empaths [ 4 ]. During the study, they found that empaths have hypersensitive mirror neurons. It is these brain cells that are responsible for the emergence of feelings such as compassion and love. The term “highly sensitive people” appear not so long ago, notes psychologist and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist Elizaveta Muratova. It denotes people who react very emotionally to events in the external environment or their own inner life. The difference is that an empath recognizes other people’s emotions.

How empaths differ from highly sensitive people

While highly sensitive people themselves react Pakistan Phone Number List vividly to what is happening. They immerse themselves in their own feelings. Thus, a highly sensitive person is not always an empath, and an empath is not always brightly reacting to what is happening in his life? According to a study by the American psychologist Carl Ransom Rogers, the ability to empathize is form through childhood experience [ 5 ]. Thus, a person is more likely to be capable of empathy if in childhood he [ 6 ]: I felt empathy from those around me. When a parent empathizes with the child, enters into his position, he contributes to the formation of empathy in the character of the child.

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What is happening and understand the parent

He liv situations in which he was taught to understand BT Lists and be aware of his emotions. It is important that the child learns to control his feelings. This can be help by a parent through patient clarifying conversations. If mom leaves home and says: “Don’t cry! It’s okay, I’ll be back soon, ”this will not help the child become more empathic. And the explanatory phrase: “Are you sad that I’m leaving? Me too. But this is very important, because, will help the child to realize. Discuss other people’s feelings. It is important to talk with the child as much as possible and discuss various life situations.

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