The technology us by the characters

Online space that works on the principles of a visual-immersive simulator. They are oppos by a real-world conglomerate, the largest ISP, Innovative Online Industries. In one of the episodes, the main character Wade, after breaking up with a girl, buys ÜberBetty, a tactile doll that exactly repeats the human anatomy, but quickly realizes that virtual will not help to cope with grief. In cinema “Strange Days” (1995), Katherine Bigelow.  in the film is similar to VR, only the immersion does not take place with the help of glasses: the characters record memories on disks using sensors that are mount on their heads. When playing a recording, a person sees and feels the same as the author of the video.

The development of the Internet

Despite the fact that this is only a fantasy about a new Chile Phone Number List reality, it already has virtual : the main character, Lenny Nero (Ralph Fiennes), yearns for an ex-girlfriend and, using immersive technology, revises their joint videos, including those where they are having . Cyber began to enter our lives in the early 1990s. Activities in this area appear along with ting (from the English texting, correspondence with messaging, emoji and photos of a ual nature), viewing erotic videos, webcam , VR, AR. in virtual and augment reality can be film using several.

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These are Bluetooth-connect toys

GoPros and subsequently turn into 3D, involving artificial intelligence, real people or their digital avatars in the animation process. This is how Vex Ruby works BT Lists a digital copy of webcam models that interact with viewers in real time is telildonics . that allow you to have from a distance, transmitting tactile and thermal sensations. Such gadgets are especially popular among couples who practice long-distance relationships. According to telildonics company Vibease , sales of their toys have increas by 50% since the start of the pandemic. With the help of technology.

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