We can expect that neural networks

One of the next steps already plann is to help people manage prosthetic arms and legs. It’s certainly a good and right thing, but it’s not far from the instant orgasm button. Is it good or bad? Most likely, we will find out in – years. Other articles in the selection of RBC Trends for February Artificial intelligence has reach such a level of development that even today it is better than people to cope with many tasks. Scientists believe that another – years will pass, and neural networks will radically change the labor market Neural networks are a powerful tool that can be us to solve various problems, including automation and data processing.

How neural networks can replace

Currently neural networks are already being us in Benin Phone Number List areas such as image and speech recognition, text analysis, automatic translation, etc. udging by the spe of technology development and the accumulation of data,  will play an increasingly important role in automating and replacing the routine tasks that people now perform. In the article, we will consider in what areas and  professions and how this can affect the labor market. What do you think is the peculiarity of the previous paragraph? It was completely written by artificial intelligence – ChatGPT.

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He can generate texts and illustrations

It seems that a little more, and even journalists BT Lists will not be ne, and presenters generat by robots will be able to tell the news from the TV screen. But is it really that simple? Let’s figure it out together with experts whether you should be afraid that artificial intelligence will take away your job, or vice versa – rejoice that you will have a smart and hard-working assistant. It should be not that while AI acts only as an assistant. For example,  for the content itor, but they do not always correspond to the request, he can give the doctor a brief analysis of the disease and even carry out diagnostics.

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