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Flow rate increases – cars will be able to rebuild in advance, and not at the last moment. What does a “smart” road consist of? “Intelligent” or “smart” roads are not just a roadway, but a complex system that allows transport to automatically interact with the surrounding infrastructure, and the infrastructure itself to receive important information from transport and the environment. Of course, “smart” roads within the city and “smart” highways differ in functionality and tasks that they solve, and contain a different set of intelligent equipment and subsystems. For example, the equipment of the main “smart” roads includes information boards and systems for monitoring traffic flows.

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A system for photo and video recording of traffic Mexico Phone Number List violations, weight and size control and connect transport technologies (V2X—Vehicle-to-everything – a car connect to everything). And when it comes to roads inside the city, road is combin in an automat traffic control system (ATCS). It controls the components connect to it – up to individual traffic lights and photo and video recording systems. of the system begin to work as a single organism. All over the world and in Russia, a lot of experience has been gain in using ASUDD as a basis for smart roads. Which road can be call “smart.

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A key component of a smart road is intelligent solutions that link BT Lists and manage all equipment within a single system. But in terms of defining a “smart” road, as well as its IQ levels, there is still no clear definition. According to the degree of intelligence, that is, the penetration of technology, then the initial level of a “smart” road must necessarily include automat traffic control, including incident detection, informing drivers using information boards and monitoring traffic flows. The system of photo-video fixation of traffic violations.

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