Does this strategy also work to contact companies in English

Additionally, you should pay Does this special attention to. The “peaks” that you see in the graph, as they are. The words or phrases that appear the most in the content. That is already being positioned. In this way, you are enriching. Your content and making it easier for Google to understand what you are. Writing about, since you are offering it context. Now we are going to see the second case that we mentioned. Using semantic prominence to improve the positioning of content that is already. Ranking on Google. The process in the WDF*DF module of Dino. RANK is very similar except that, this time.

Google to understand Does this what you are writing about

In addition to entering the keyword for category email list which we want to rank, we will also add the URL of the post that is published and that we want to analyze. Let’s test it with a post from the DinoRANK blog with a tutorial on how to delete a URL from Google, in the top 2 at the moment, and see what the tool tells us. wdf dinorank In the results that DinoRANK returns, we no longer only have the green area that indicates the density of use of each of the terms, but we also now have a blue line with dots.

If the dot exceeds the green area above

Well, each dot on this blue line represents BT Lists how many times we have. Used this term in the content and ideally it should be within the green area, as this means that we are using it with the approximate same frequency as our competitors. If the dot exceeds the green area above, it means that we have repeated it too many times (we are over-optimizing that word/phrase) and, if the blue dot is at the base, it will mean that it does not even appear in our content , so we would have to add it. In this case we see that, although the URL is in the top 2 of Google, there is still room for improvement, so we must copy the semantic terms that are not in the content and add them.

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