Do we really want to pay rent for them

I wasn’t very good at organizing the material afterwards. Randomly stuff prints and negatives everywhere, and later he could not tell. In the end, I put all my wealth in a closet, where it gather dust for a long time. Deciding to become a minimalist, I scann all my photos, as well as letters that I kept for many years, and digitiz everything. Now, if you are in the mood, these materials are easy to look at on a computer, where they are order chronologically and sort into folders, so it is easy to understand them, Our things are like roommates.

When they were taken

Only we pay the rent for them. In Japan, they say that a Portugal Phone Number List person nes a mat the size of half a tatami to sit on, and a tatami (Tatami area is traditionally 1.62 m²) to sleep on. Here, in fact, is all the necessary space. If, say, you rent a house with a friend, then the rent will not increase, you just ne a place for another tatami. However, each of us, even if we live alone, still have roommates – our things. And, by the way, the space occupi by them far exces the area of the tatami.

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They create extra work for us

Nobody is averse to living in a big spacious BT Listshouse, but look BT Lists at the situation from a different angle: does this mean that we just let our things live in more comfortable conditions? So what do we get in return? Our things are not going to pay their share of the rent, they are not going to help us around the house, instead. Perhaps it would be wiser to kick them out. Russia annually loses 17 million tons of valuable food waste. Yulia Nazarova, head of the Rus Food Bank Charitable Foundation, talks about how to solve the problem of food loss About the expert.

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