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The moral compromise system When we face a moral dilemma, our ideas of what is right and what is wrong clash with each other. Scientists have proven that at this time the so-call system of moral compromises is launch. This cognitive system helps to “reconcile” conflicting moral values ??in the head, weigh them and partially satisfy each. The process occurs unconsciously: all possible solutions are order, a “correctness function” is built, and then the most “correct solution” is select – or rather, a solution that corresponds to temporary ideas about how to do the right thing in a particular case.

The moral compromise system provides all

The system of moral compromises has certain features. Let’s take Israel Phone Number List the hunter-gatherer dilemma as an example. The system produces the whole range of judgments: from radical to compromise. The hunter-gatherer fish all day. The catch is meager: this is not enough to fe the children and the sick brother. At this time, the neighbors are smoking fish. The collector asks to share. They give him fish, but much less than he ask for. Yes, stealing is wrong. But neglecting the fact that his brother is sick is also not good. What decision can he make? or all the fish of these options.

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If the brother has a cold and the extra

Judgments depend on incentives. Incentives determine BT Lists what solutions are available for our choice and what we can do. Our collector will think about how each stolen fish will spe up the brother’s recovery and how much it will harm his neighbors. For example, he may decide that he can steal all the neighbor’s fish if it saves his brother’s life. food will bring the brother closer to recovery by just one day, then he is likely to give up the idea of ??stealing. And if the fish will significantly help the brother to defeat the disease and at the same time.

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