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free Google tool with which you can check the search trends for a keyword. TRICKS: Search trends by country: The tool allows you to compare trends according to geographic location by duplicating the search in the elements and changing the country in the filter of one of them. Consult searches: Take advantage of the tool’s search filters to segment by community, city… You can even separate the queries into “main” or “increasing” to have a general view and discover which are the growing search terms. Identify opportunities: Gives you the option to search for content or marketing alternatives based on search trends to apply them to your strategy. In short, there are many tools that make our work easier to learn how to correctly

School of Business and Management offers a great training offer

position our website. However, if you still do not feel ready to do it on your own, the UEMC School of Business and Management offers a great training offer in Digital Marketing so you can start with your digital transformation. What are you waiting for?Do you know which 2023 web design trends are here to stay? The sector has evolved so much in recent years that more and more companies are competing to have a good design on their website in order to be able to show themselves to their niche  Business Lead customers and give them confidence. Web designers find themselves in a time where they not only have to pay attention to what is visually attractive or functional, but they also have to connect emotionally with people. To do this, they are

incorporating new techniques such as microinteractions

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implementing updates in aspects such as fonts or colors, and incorporating new techniques such as microinteractions, virtual reality or glasmorphism. In this article, we are going to learn about some of the techniques and visual styles that will help you design an attractive and modern website   so that any company can appear as a great showcase on the Internet! WEB DESIGN TRENDS 2023 CUSTOM CURSORS Although we are used to BT Lists using the traditional white pointer as a cursor, in 2023 we are committed to innovation and many websites will

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