You will develop the habit of being calm

The second – kind self-irony. Another good example is the biographies of famous people, especially those written by themselves. We treat them as great and terrible . And they to themselves – with self-irony. . Learn to calmly accept your mistakes and mistakes Vitaly Avetova, a psychologist, business consultant and teacher at the RANEPA, recommends that you gradually adjust yourself to a calm, unemotional attitude towards your mistakes. If some kind of unpleasant situation has occurr, the psychologist suggests first throwing out raging emotions on paper.

What can be done now to get a different

When the emotional intensity subsides, think and write Austria Phone Numbers List down what is the reason for what happen, who and what was responsible, and  result in the future. By regularly practicing this written debriefing,  about your mistakes. rather than complaints and self-blame, is one of the signs of a successful person. Let go of an unpleasant situation Psychologist Antonina Tretyakova is sure that sometimes it is useful to simply close” an unpleasant situation – what happen has already happen. There is no ne to endlessly analyze who is to blame and how it happen – this is often unproductive. It is better to set yourself up for a positive future than to endlessly reflect on past troubles.

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Analysis of one own mistakes

It is not always necessary to get rid of the inner critic BT Lists says psychologist Anastasia Korneeva. It is he who helps us analyze our mistakes, develop, protects us from rash actions and controls our impulses. Self-criticism is part of our inner life and feback, which is worth relying on. But if the critic exces his authority and begins to interfere, it makes sense to retrain him. You must manage your inner critic, not he manages you. Using images from the James Webb telescope, scientists have discover the coldest ice in the known universe.

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