By showing the customer alternative solutions

However, he may rethink the choice of a wireless mouse for PLN. Provid that this purchase will allow him to forget about the cables tangl on the desk. What is the difference between cross selling and up selling. While cross selling is about offering the customer an additional. Relat product or service, up-selling is a strategy of persuading the customer to choose a better and often more expensive alternative. Both techniques can be us at the same stages of the sales funnel. What’s more, they are connect by the benefits they bring to both parties to the transaction. In the case of the customer, it is providing him with products with add value, and for the seller – increas turnover.

Out The Competitorsconsider The Risks

The customer places an order. When is the best time for cross-selling and up-selling. As with other sales techniques, cross-selling and up-selling also  require proper timing. Additional or higher quality products and services are worth presenting to the client Before making a transaction. In the form of a banner on the product page with database a list of suggest alternatives or plementary proposals. These can be items add to the basket by other website users. Other goods from this category or suggestions select by the seller. During checkout as a list of several propos products, visible in the bar below the shopping cart.


Flexibility And Adaptability To Change

After the purchase through correspondence informing about the course of the transaction – the so-call follow-up e-mail – in the form of links to suggest products. Benefits of cross-selling and up-selling The main benefit of using the above sales strategies  is the maximization of profits from one transaction . at the right moment, we gain a chance to increase the value of his shopping cart . The big advantage of cross-selling and up-selling is low risk – a customer  who BT Lists is determin to buy will not resign from finalizing the transaction for the sake of submitting another offer.

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