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He results of the study (available from RBC Trends) indicate that such solutions make a big contribution to loyalty management. 89% of user companies believe that communication services allow businesses to increase customer satisfaction, and 81% ruce their churn. About half of the companies increas sales by 1.4 times. And the quality of service has increas by 1.5 times. And if earlier the neural network mainly entertain users with philosophical conversations, now it adequately answers complex practical questions. For example, it can draw up a travel itinerary, pick up a culinary recipe, and prict the risk of layoffs in different industries.

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The capabilities of neural networks and chat bots built France Mobile Number List on their basis are readily us by businesses to communicate with customers. According to a study by MegaFon, 78% of companies have combin chatbots and operators into a single call processing system. Moreover, the chatbot closes 25% of calls on its own. of requests, but also sell. In particular, a third of companies use them as an additional sales tool. How it works  a trainable bot call Lucy bas on the conversational AI platform Teneo. The bot helps potential buyers find the right car.

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Clients simply talk about their nes and give an approximate BT Lists budget, and the bot chooses the best option from the available model range. After the introduction of Lucy, the conversion of the Skoda website increas by 400%. Voice bots and call handling By 2027, the market for voice robots will reach almost $100 billion . One of the key drivers business and customers. The study by MegaFon and ORO states that after connecting a voice robot, the number of attract customers increases by an average of 22%. More than half of the companies-users on outgoing calls increas their sales by an average of 34%. Therefore, two-thirds of organizations see the future behind such robots and plan to increase their costs.

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