Campaign sending methodology

Thanks to this process Campaign sending we will. Now obtain not only “single keywords” that we must include within the content. But also relevant concepts in the eyes of Google, associated with a specific entity. I’ll give you an example. If you write a post about car engines, the normal thing. Is that semantically related terms appear, that is, they give meaning to that topic in question: spark plugs, battery, tank, valves, pistons, brake fluid, cylinders… You would be surprised to know how many times we forget these terms in the content: that is why I consider it necessary to do this semantic keyword research .

If you write a Campaign sending post about car engines

For this I am industry email list going to use the WDF*DF and Semantic Prominence module from DinoRANK. dinorank semantic search From here I get a whole list of words semantically related to the main keyword of the post, in this case “cat breeds”. And where do these words come from? Semantic prominence is obtained by analyzing the keywords that the Top 10 of your competitors best positioned on Google for a given keyword are using. That is, if you have an animal blog and you want to rank the word “rabbits” then the tool tells you which are the concepts.

Search engine shows in its results for the word

Terms and long tails of several words BT Lists with greater prominenc with greatest relevance that your user is already using. competition on Google. What competition? Well, the first 10 results that the search engine shows in its results for the word “rabbits”. They are the ones that my competitors are using in the SERPs, that is, if they position using those terms, I also have to include them . If you prefer, you can also use SEOlyze to find semantic terms or to see if you can add anything other than those proposed by DinoRANK. seolyze Wait! Don’t start placing all these words like crazy. They may not all go well with your content and, sometimes, forcing the text to try to fit them in can make it lose its naturalness.

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