B2B Statistics You Need to Know in 2022

B2B industries are often not the focus of online statistics. People tend to be more interested in retail and services. But B2B businesses are also worth paying attention to. That’s because there’s a lot of information you can use to improve the way your business markets, operates, and makes money.

Here are some key B2B statistics you need to know:

general statistics
B2B digital sales grew 10.9% in 2019.
Many B2B retailers have been using the Internet for more than two years to run their operations smoothly.
61% of B2B transactions begin online.

85% of B2B businesses utilize live chat in their sales process .
In 2018, the B2B e-commerce market size reached $1.1134 trillion, which is nearly 20% more than expected.
B2B buyers have become increasingly diverse in the way they pay for goods and services online, so accepting a variety of payment methods is critical to your success.

Customer experience will only grow in importance

B2B buyers want a better customer Whatsapp Database experience than they received in the past.
B2B buyers cited features/functions (73%), price (72%), reviews (59%), development time/ease of use (56%), and pain relief (47%) as the most important factors when purchasing a solution.

If you sell to B2B customers, focusing on customer experience can increase sales by up to 10%.
86% of B2B buyers say they feel overwhelmed when presented with 10 or more pieces of sales content.
42% of B2B buyers say they feel overwhelmed when presented with five or more pieces of sales content.
81% of early-stage B2B buyers prefer resources, 72% regularly read visual content and infographics, and 66% enjoy reading business blogs.

Half want to watch webinars, and 40% are more interested in case studies. The preferred marketing materials for late-stage B2B buyers are case studies (39%) and user reviews (38%), and 76% of B2B buyers have an increasing demand for personalized content and sales materials.

B2B buyers want content on supplier websites

According to 60% of business leaders, 35% of B2B brand sales are influenced by external organizations. Only 6% of organizations are BT Lists actively trying to build networks. 63% of B2B brands are leveraging startups and digital ventures to improve operations.

Most B2B companies (84%) have no idea about their partner pipeline. Companies that foster good partnership campaigns are 63% more likely to meet their sales goals. Three-quarters of B2B vendors implementing a partner relationship management program are increasing visibility into their partner pipeline.

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