There are various psychological strategies

Option in Yandex Go It works like this the cost of the trip is automatically round up to a multiple of ten, for example, rubles – up to , rubles – up to . The difference goes to pay for trips for wards of charitable foundations who ne help with movement.  on the Help Nearby website . Alive is a fund to help seriously ill adults ag to years. In addition to raising funds for treatment, the foundation is engag in systemic projects, for example, translating guidelines for oncological diseases. Ad Vita – helps patients with oncological, immunological and hematological diseases. The Fund pays for treatment, provides household, social, informational support.

You can also make a donation

Leukemia Foundation – helps adult patients with USA Phone Number List oncological diseases of the blood system. Nastenka is a fund for helping children with cancer and other serious diseases. and hospitals. Dobry Dom, a social hotel for children with cancer, provides free housing for children who come to Moscow for treatment. Information, support and ucational projects Just Ask is a free reference for people with cancer. You can apply from any region and in any situation. Qualifi experts will answer questions within a few days. Profilaktika Mia is an ucational project of the Not in Vain Foundation about evidence-bas micine and oncology.

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The foundation also helps families of patients

Launch in The materials on the site are intend for cancer BT Lists patients and their lov ones. Clear Morning is a hotline for cancer patients. Free and around the clock you can get the help of a psychologist and a lawyer in mical law. Subscribe also to the RBC Trends Telegram channel and stay up to date with current trends and forecasts about the future of technology, economics, ucation and innovation. How to get rid of self-criticism  for calming the raging inner critic and making contact with him.  Analyze what you were told as a child Psychologist.

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