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  • Bytebase supports MySQL databases and includes capabilities such as schema conversion, change tracking, and live schema changes. These features allow users to manage and collaborate on their MySQL databases more efficiently within the Bytebase platform.
  •  : PostgreSQL databases are well supported by Bytebase. Users can easily manage and collaborate on their PostgreSQL databases using Bytebase’s simple interface, which includes capabilities such as schema versioning, modif Bytebase now supports ClickHouse databases, allowing users to track schema changes, evaluate and apply revisions, and leverage other  version control tools available on the Bytebase platform.
  •  interacts with TiDB databases, providing version control for database schemas, collaborative change processes, and other capabilities designed to improve the creation and operation of TiDB-based applications .
  •  Snowflake databases are well supported by Bytebase. Users can access Bytebase to track schema changes, collaborate on changes, and use other critical version control tools to improve their Snowflake database management process.

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ytebase provides several other pricing options to meet a variety of purposes.offers free access to an unlimited phone number lists number of users and environments, allowing users to use schema review and data modification methods.

It features owner, DBA, and developer roles, as well as 100+ SQL lint rules for code quality. There is also VCS integration with GitOps workflow, multi-environment batch changes, SQL editor, and database backup/restore.

The PRO plan, which costs $100 per instance per month, is suitable for more sophisticated needs.

It supports up to 20 issues and has an advanced GitOps process, reviews and backup policies, documented changes, and arbitrary schema synchronization.

The PRO plan also includes online schema migration of large tables, point-in-time recovery, and SQL script sharing.

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Bytebase offers unique pricing with annual invoice for enterprise level needs.

This package offers special support, special authorization procedures, SSO and 2FA, batch updates for BT Lists multiple departments/tenancies, sensitive , database access control, and custom branding.

The enterprise plan offers enterprises customized solutions and features to suit their specific needs.

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