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They don.T sell. And they are often unmodifi and uninfluenc; they reflect a customer.S true experience with your brand. Seeing is believing . That.S why we call it social proof . So. Go ahead – demonstrate that you walk the walk. With extensive and visible customer testimonials. Types of customer testimonials + testimonial templates there are many. Many types Analyze your strengths of customer testimonials out there: testimonials that look very different. That are post on many different sites. And that work in a variety of ways. Ultimately. Though. Testimonies. In all their various forms. Boil down to a few basic types :

Then you can get satisfi customer testimonials

quote testimonials listing testimonials from Country Email List  zero to launch screenshot of zero at launch the most popular type of customer review. Quote testimonials have a low barrier to entry: if you have satisfi customers. Then you can get satisfi customer testimonials . The key is to pair a bright text testimonial with a photo of your happy customer – preferably a smiling photo. Which helps communicate a sense of openness.

Influencer testimonials influencer testimonials

country email list

Satisfaction and approachability. Influencer testimonials influencer testimonials hubspot screenshot of hubspot influencer testimonials are powerful. But difficult to obtain. Whatever your industry. Influencers are the low hanging fruit: hard to achieve but.   BT Lists Once you do. Worth some serious bragging rights. That.S why these testimonials are easy to spot. Most often as on-site badges (often on the homepage) displaying the influencer.S logo + verbiage somewhere along the lines of “As seen in…”. Testimonials from industry insiders testimonials from insider neil patel screenshot by neil patel right up there with influencers – and

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