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When many women note a distort perception of smells – and in this case it is not a disease, but a normal physiological state of the body. Perhaps this is due to the hormonal system this is from 10% to 60%. The same applies to the time and degree of recovery: according to some data, in 83% of people, after a month or two, olfactory disorders disappear, according to others, in 40%, symptoms persist even a year and a half after the disease . Yuri Kiselev explains: “The results are so different due to the way the research is done. In most cases, this is a survey, and those who really experienc problems are more willing to participate in such projects.

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Those who have been ill with coronavirus without losing Armenia Mobile Number List or changing their sense of smell are not interest in participating in research. Thus, people with symptoms will be accept in the questionnaire, and we will have a false feeling that this applies to all those who have been ill. the factor of subjective perception.  can be observ with coronavirus, feels them, and then takes part in a smell test – and it turns out that everything is fine with him. And in one study with a standardiz olfactory stick assessment.

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There were 38% of people who rustrating situations can BT Lists cause different emotions, notes Irina Makarova, director of the HSE Center for Psychological Counseling: “We can feel all variations of anger, from mild irritation to rage and hatr, it can be feelings of powerlessness, depression, disappointment, resentment and severe frustration. failures and obstacles can cause severe stress, apathy and a sense of meaninglessness, but at the same time they can become powerful motivators for finding a way out, transformation. However, it can be quite difficult for a person to realize this state, says Vladimir Shlyapnikov.

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